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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Practice testing for all sorts of IT certifications - Broken Link
From their list of skills:
Database and Information Management
Lotus Notes 5.0 Administration
Lotus Notes 5.0 Development
Microsoft Access 2000 Development
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Administration
MySQL Administration
Oracle 8.0 Administration
Oracle Data Warehousing
Oracle Forms and Reports
Oracle XML
Oracle8i Database Administration
Oracle8i PL/SQL

Apache Server
Broadband Technologies
Cisco Routing
Citrix Metaframe 1.8
Firewalls and Security
IP Routing Protocols
Microsoft Active Directory Administration
Microsoft IIS 4.0 Administration
Microsoft Networking Principles
Microsoft OS Technologies
Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
Microsoft TCP/IP
Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 VPN
Novell ZENworks Administration
PC Components and Subsystems
Solaris 2.6 Administration
Sonet Networking
TCP/IP Technologies

Operating Systems
Linux Red Hat
Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
Microsoft Windows 2000 Enterprise Security
Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Security Design
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows 98 Installation and Configuration
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise
Solaris 8.0 Management
UNIX Administration

[Incr Tcl/Tk] Development
C Programming
C++ Programming
COBOL Programming
Gnome 1.2 Implementation
J2EE Development
Microsoft ADO 2.5 Programming
Microsoft COM+ Development
Microsoft Outlook 2000 Programming
Microsoft Project 2000
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programming
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Programming
Microsoft [[Visual FoxPro]] 6.0 Development (Leader Board)
Project Management
WIN/HTML Online Help
XHTML Development
XML Programming

Web Development
Active Server Pages 3.0 Development
Allaire Cold Fusion 4.5 Development
Cascading Style Sheets I
CGI Implementation
HTML Development
Microsoft Front Page 2000 Development
PHP 4.0 Development

I have to say, I was not at all impressed with the VFP test. The questions were poorly written, both in terms of the grammar and the wording. Some of the answers were downright misleading, and I got one question which featured the correct answer (or what I thought was the correct answer) twice!

But the real problem is that it tested the superficial aspects of the language. Sure, it's important to know that the base classes are called "base classes", but I consider that a waste of space on a certification exam. Taking this test made me more grateful that MS did their certification tests right -- by asking questions that actually gauge one's ability to use the product in real-world situations.

I consider Brain Bench a better testing site. It is less reliant on minutiae than this one, although it still is nowhere near the MS test, and if nothing else offers a much better assembled test. Check that one out for your next job applicant. -- Zahid Ali

Fully agree. Maybe it is a coindicence, but for sure half of the questions I got where about the contents of menu's or the tabs within options. If I know these by heart, I have 2/3 of the certificate; If I don't use the menu's at all I know almost nothing of VFP. And yes, for over 4 years I use the Classes-tab of the Projectmanager only, which IMO is very legitimate to create complete apps. The only real content-question I received was about which operator gets you an exact match (== etc). And even that is a stupid question. Sorry. I would have said the same when I scored above 3.5. BTW, with this I wouldn't like to imply in any way that the borderleaders have performed less. -- Peter Stordiau
I found many of the questions confusing. There was one question asking the names of the controls on the class browser screen. I cannot understand why anyone would need to look at the class browser source as a regular part of VFP development. However, I really like the certificate. Its beautiful. Mike Yearwood
What about we all create our own questions, the others may answer on ?
I think of everyone putting in the toughest question he/she can think of (by some experience). This will not only be a BIG challenge for all, but there may be very much to learn by it (once the answers are presented).
Maybe mail them to a central address and later on put the answers on wiki ? (avoiding a small app to deal with answering). -- Peter Stordiau
I agree with these assessments, however, I took it for fun and to show my support for VFP. I'm not sure how long they've had this test out there, but compare the # of times taken to some of the other products/tools. (see the world rankings) We need to get this number higher! In the meantime, I'll be checking out Brain Bench. -- Randy Jean
Just took it and I have to agree that this test is ridiculous. It's full of questions about things that a developer doesn't need to know (like captions on Tabs in the dev environment) and has no questions about the important things like design and UI. It's unbelievably shallow - almost as if it were testing for end-user VFP skills. Offhand, I'd say it was written by people who've never worked with the product and simply installed it and wrote a test. -- Tamar Granor
Exactly as how I saw it, but didn't like to say. -- Peter Stordiau
I agree completely... for those who haven't taken it yet, here are some of the inane questions that I was given: _ Skill Drill _ VFP _ inane _ questions ... feel free to add to this list (maybe the Skill Drill developers will actually look here and use this info to improve the test...) - wgcs
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