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Skype - - is a software product to enable Internet-based telephony – Voice - over - IP – (Vo IP).

Skype aims to delight you by offering free global telephony, to make unlimited, superior quality voice calls via its next-generation peer-to-peer software. Skype’s mission is providing a simple, reliable and friendly communications tool that just works. We aim for people to communicate with friends, families, and colleagues more flexibly, more cost effectively, and with better sound quality than ever previously imagined.

The rapid proliferation of broadband, plus Skype, gives anyone around the world real choice in communications. No longer beholden to one company, choice allows pioneers the option to make free, unlimited calls using an Internet connection. The power of the Skype network increases with the numbers of Skype users making free calls over the Internet. Once you download our free software, tell your friends.

Skype is promoting further adoption of high-quality connectivity, and works with world class telecommunications companies that share the vision to provide better ways for people to communicate. Skype is working hard and expanding to new platforms, including mobile devices and handsets. Soon you’ll be Skyping at home, in the office and on the road.

Skype calls require a PC microphone and speakers, or an affordable PC headset available at electronics retailers worldwide. Skype is simple to install regardless of your PC environment and will set up with no server or workstation configuration. Skype works behind most firewalls and gateways without providing new security risks. Skype calls are encrypted for your security, and we maintain a strict privacy policy.

Internet telephony is in its infancy and Skype will lead the innovations forward — beyond what we can imagine today.

(Excerpt from Skype's website)
I used Skype when I was presenting Mambo to the Chicago FUDG group: someone asked me a question, I didn't know the answer, but about 10 seconds later I had an expert on the line that was able to anwer the question just like he was at the meeting. (helps if you have an expert standing by. Thanks Ron.) - Carl Karsten
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How to block Skype: Skype's security issues may require you to block access to Skype on your corporate network
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