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So Cal VFP Conf Attendees

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Who's coming to So Cal 99?

Name, Arrival, Departure, Comments

MarkusEgger, Arr 8/25 afternoon, Lv 9/2 afternoon
Alex Feldstein - Had a great time. Learned a lot too!
Simon Ferguson, Arr 8/25 afternoon, Lv 9/3 very early AM
PerryForman, Arr 8/26 2-3:00pm, Lv 8/29 Late, Anyone need a ride from LAX (
Ed Leafe, Arr 8/26 PM, Lv 8/30 AM, looking forward to another great conference!
Barbara Peisch, Arr 8/26 c. 3:00pm, Lv 8/30 Early
Anthony Testi, Lives in the area
EllenWhitney, Arr 8/25 afternoon, Lv 9/2 afternoon
Bill Caputo Most interesting and informative sessions/classwork I have ever done!!
StevenBennett, Super! Understood close to %50 this time ;-)
Larry Miller, Arr 8/25, Lv 8/31, Highlight was having a vendor booth next to Jim Duffy . Back to reality. Great sessions all around!!
It was a great conference! 250 people attended and great fun was had by all!
It was announced that Microsoft will do a new DevCon in May in New Orleans. See VFP DevCon 2000 -- Alex Feldstein
Microsoft is not doing the May DevCon, rather Tech Conferences Inc., who used to partner with Advisor on their FoxPro DevCons. -- Barry RLee

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