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So Much For The Honey Moon

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

"Now Microsoft has upped the rancor by dropping out of a W3C working group focused on establishing rules for how businesses will send and receive data to one another via Web services"

I remember back when VS.NET was initially released, there was such much talk that this time MS has really gotten into standards. There were large threads and articles about how this time MS .NET developers will finally be able to be part of the rest of the programming world. I wonder how this new decision (read article above) will impact those hopes... -- Hector Correa
I wonder what/where/how MS was going to implement a 'standard' of xbrl (see - that seemed to be a 'way' of slinging invoicing information, at a minimum... oh well.. sfffffffffffffffpthhhhhh William Sanders
This is the same MS that wants to improve its image. They really need to learn to play with the other children and not rely on bullying tactics at every turn. Jamie Osborn
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