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Software Craftmanship

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Foremostly, Software Craftmanship is the title of a new book by Peter McBreen, Addison Wesley (2002) ISBN 0201733862

Craftsmanship has been around for centuries, and is all about craftsmen, journeymen, and apprentices all working together as a team.

I really like this book. McBreen's got a number of great takes that we should heed. Among them:

  • Large methodologies don't write software, people do.
  • Peer recognition and recommendations, not licensing and certification, are the route to better software.
    Tough questions:
  • Is the specialization inherent in software engineering a good idea?
  • Are less experienced software developers paid too much?
  • Should senior developers be paid more than almost anyone in their organization?
  • Should tools that are less than ten years old be used for long-term projects?
    -- Steven Black
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