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Software Essentials

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Software Essentials

  • Product Specification (Software Requirements Specification Checklist)
  • Detailed User Interface Prototype
  • A Realistic Schedule (avoid Common Schedule Risks)
  • ExplicitPriorities
  • Active Risk Management Techniques
  • QualityAssurancePlan (see Release Checklist)
  • Detailed Activity Lists -- Category Check Lists
  • Statement Of Work
  • Software Configuration Management -- Category Configuration Management
  • Software Architecture (Architectural Audit)
  • An Integration Plan (Integration Testing)
  • Installation (Installation Testing)
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Maintenance Plan -- Category Maintenance
  • Sign Off (see Release Checklist)
    Contributors: Steven Black, John Koziol, Cindy Winegarden. Ten of these points come from Steve McConnell, “Software’s Ten Essentials: Prospecting for Programmers’ Gold,” IEEE Software, March-April 1997.
    Category Check Lists, Category Principles And Guidelines, Category Project Management, Category 3 Star Topics Category Risk
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