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Here's an interesting take....

Experts Do Not Construct Solutions

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Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, Palo ALto, CA wrote a book that might have bearing here. The book "The Vision of the Annointed" , while primarily geared towards the political arena, has an interesting take on the notion os 'solutions'. In the book, Dr. Sowell suggests that there are those who think in terms of solutions (the Annointed) and those who think in terms of tradeoffs (the Benighted) and how these two approaches effect policy, approaches to issues, etc.

I am wondering if we in the software industry have done the same thing. It seems to me that all-to-often we hear the results of dashed expectations as a result of desired solutions (sales-bred expectations?) not being met. Whereas we who actually construct responses to business or other needs often are faced with having to make many decisions that are at their very core dependent upon the whole notion of tradeoffs.

Doug Dodge

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