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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I was wondering if anyone uses the SORT command (more specifically, how does it perform and are there any known issues). In the past, when I've needed this functionality, I simply used an SQL statement.

From the VFP9 Help file:

Sorts records in the currently selected table and outputs the sorted records to a new table.

SORT TO TableName ON FieldName1 [/A | /D] [/C]
   [, FieldName2 [/A | /D] [/C] ...]   [ASCENDING | DESCENDING]
   [Scope] [FOR lExpression1] [WHILE lExpression2]
   [FIELDS FieldNameList   | FIELDS LIKE Skeleton

I used this back in Fox Plus before we had SQL but not since then. I recall warnings about it using a lot of disk space and having to define a specific SORTWORK path which had to be big and fast. -- Geoff Franklin
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