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Source Code Control Standard Sample Assuming SCCIntegration

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A place to discuss source code control conventions assuming you are using source code control integration within VFP. This is just a sample, so don't go too crazy questioning recommendations. Focus, rather, on adding to this document so the sample is complete.
Here is one possible convention:

General Policies
In order to insure the integrity of the project, certain policies related to the handling of source code need to be adhered to.

VFP Integration with VSS: Visual Source Safe interaction should be done through VFP. Working through VFP allows Scc Text to convert projects, forms, classes and all other binary files into text files for version comparison. (Note: Ensure you have the updated version that properly sorts methods in classes and forms - VFP8 or better, or one of several floating around the web.) (Also note: VSS does not generate a text file equivalent of a .DBC when it's checked in, a good practice is to run GenDBC.prg on your .DBC prior to each check-in and then also check in the resulting .PRG equivalent of your .DBC - This gives you the ability to see the changes made in the .DBC over time).

Read-only files: Files on the local drive should be read-only unless checked out. The read-only will need to be modified if you are trying to recompile class libraries without checking everything out. If you rebuild the project using the project manager and the project has been attached to Source Safe, Visual FoxPro takes care of handling the read-only flag.

New files added to Source Control: Any team member can add a new file to the project with notification to the team manager so he can notify other team members of the need for a refresh of the project.

Offsite work: When checking out files for work off-site, check out the entire sub-unit.

Source Control Procedures

Checking Files In: When checking files in it is important that an accurate description is provided describing the changes made.
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