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Source Control Software - What To Use ?

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Hi everyone,

Can you folks recommend a source control system for: (upgraded from different versions of VFP over the years of course) I used Visual Source Safe back in 2002 but I have not worked with it since and I don't know if it is still a viable solution as of 2014 or if there are any issues with it that may cause a person to shy away from its use in favor of a different source control system.

I remember VSS as being extremely easy to use and I remember other VFP people complaining (at other places I've worked) that they wished would switch to something simple.... like VSS :)

It would be a be a plus if there was something that you folks could recommend that would be easy for a VSS person to adjust to, but it's not a requirement.

There is a lot of information on this site to go through and I would appreciate being pointed in the direction to the information I'm looking for so as to save time and start helping my company ASAP.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help you can provide.

2014.10.03 - Fernando DBozzo

Hi, you have various options to choose, but I will mention the one I'm using from almost a year now:
  • Fox Bin 2 Prg for bidirectional convertion of binaries to text and text to binaries (can be used with any SCM/DVCS)
  • Plastic SCM for DVCS (Distributed Version Control System)
In this link you will find how this Open Source program work and the benefits, and at the bottom of the page you can see a link for using with SCM/DVCS tools, with a mini-tutorial for the use with Plastic.

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