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Fox Show - Southwest Fox Wrap-up Interviews with first time attendee Kevin Ragsdale and veteran speaker, Doug Hennig

Less than a week until Southwest Fox 2005
I can't believe it's less than a week until Southwest Fox 2005. I'm busy seeing to all the last minute details so time is really flying by now.

The conference Session Schedule is now available for download at

If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. And if you register before Sunday, you will receive the new Foxfire! v8+ Web Developerís Edition when released. This is a fully functional production copy of this leading edge software and a $495 value.

I look forward to meeting you next week.

What's new at Southwest Fox this week?
What's new at Southwest Fox this week? Plenty!

Rick Strahl has a bunch of new stuff to announce that is so cool, Ken Levy has added him to the Keynote Address.

I have also added a tribute to Drew Speedie Friday evenng, 10/14/05. Tamar Granor will emcee "Tips and Tricks I learned from Drew Speedie" to be followed by a social hour hosted by Visionpace. We hope Irene Speedie will be in attendance but we will certainly understand if not. The evening is open to the public. There is no need to be registered for the conference.

Tempe area and ASU Campus maps have been added to the web site.

I have even added a Job Opportunity page.

For all the latest, visit

Do you need another reason to attend Southwest Fox?

If you need another reason to attend Southwest Fox, here it is!

Micromega Systems, the developer of Foxfire! Query and Report Writer, has just announced they will be awarding copies of their hot new (about-to-) release, Foxfire! v8+ Web Developerís Edition to EVERY ATTENDEE who registers before Saturday, October 8, 2005. If youíre already signed up, you donít have to do anything more. You qualify automatically.

This is not a beta or a restricted license, but a regular license for their Web Developerís Edition, which will have a regular retail price of $495. That means you can practically attend the conference for free.

Why are they doing this? They want to get the word out about their new product. And they are so sure it will blow your sox off, they arenít afraid to give some away to generate a buzz.

They did insist on an opportunity for a little gratuitous promotion, and for that much of a conference perk, I couldnít refuse. So here it is (the opinions expressed herein are those self-serving opinions of Micromega, and not those of the producers of Southwest Fox):

Foxfire! v8+ is the next generation report writer. It blows the sox off anything else in its class, in function, value and price. Its live design surface and geek-speak-free interface enables ordinary business users to design and deploy all kinds of reports, spreadsheets, pivot tables, data extracts and much more on both the Windows Desktop or the WWW.

The Web Developerís edition includes report design tools for both windows and web report design. It also includes a special edition of the new Foxfire! Web Server, a .NET and com based technology that will allow you to design and test both Win and Web reports prior to deploying them to your customers.

For more information about Foxfire! v8+, go to early and often. You can contact Micromega at or

Drew Speedie Pictures

Those of us who live here in Phoenix were so lucky to see Drew and Irene and Brent on a regular basis. I have lots of pictures but as I was looking through them last night, I realized it's not nearly enough. I'm working on a new page for the Southwest Fox website and I want to include as many wonnderful memories as possible. Please send me a couple of your favorite photos ( so we can share them with everyone.

Southwest Fox 2005 Alumni Discount

Just 2 days remain to take advantage of the Southwest Fox Alumni discount. If you attended in 2004, register before Friday and save $50. (

Southwest Fox 2005 - Hanging out with Randy Brown

Do you wish you had had a chance to meet Randy Brown? Or do you know Randy and would like to see him again? We can do that! Randy confirmed earlier this week he will be in attendance at Southwest Fox just to "hang out."

Come and hang out with Randy Brown. (

Southwest Fox News

Want to hear more about the Southest Fox conference from Bob? Check out his FoxShow interview! Watch for more speaker interviews in coming shows before the conference.

In case you haven't seen Ken Levy's September 2005 on the Visual FoxPro web site,, there is lots of Southwest Fox news.

VFP team members Ken Levy, Calvin Hsia and Milind Lele will be presenting the keynote outlining the entire detailed plan for Sedna with sneak preview demos. Craig Boyd has also been added as a guest keynote speaker to talk about and demonstrate examples of extensibility for VFP.

More speakers and topics and topics have been added to the schedule. Milind Lele will be presenting a session on Integrating VFP data sources with VS.

Calvin Hsia will be doing a presentation showing demos of new data-centric .NET programming features being developed for the future.

Craig Boyd will be doing two presentations. VFP Painting 101: GDI+ Techniques and Examples and VFP Cryptology 101: Encryption, Decryption, and Hash Functions.

Through the sponsorship by Microsoft and corporation with Hentzenwerke, every Southwest Fox attendee will receive free printed copies of the 2 books, NET for Visual FoxPro Developers book and What's New in Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hits, a retail value of $100.

And, best of all, there's still more to come. If you haven't registered yet, now is the time. Space is limited and hotels are filling up fast. See all the latest at

Hope to see you in October,

Bob Kocher
Start making your plans now to attend Southwest Fox 2005

Southwest Fox is going to rock!

October 13-16 2005, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona.

Southwest Fox 2005 is going to rock! Get the latest news from Ken Levy's August 2005 Letter from the Editor at

Bob Kocher
Start making your plans now to attend Southwest Fox 2005

Who's going to Southwest Fox 2005?

Curious who's going to Southwest Fox? Check for the latest info.

Southwest Fox 2005

The final speaker selections have been made and the conference schedule is set. Today I added Bill Fields, Toni Feltman and Wiki's very own Steve Black to the lineup for a total of 16 speakers and 33 session topics. Last year was great but this year is going to be even better. Sign up now before the early-bird discounts expire. Get all the details at

Once again this year Ken Levy has agreed to Deliver the Southwest Fox 2005 Keynote address. Conference registraation begins at 1:00 PM Thursady October 13, 2005 followed by the keynote at 6:00 PM. Start making your plans now to attendnSouthwest Fox 2005.

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