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Special Edition Using Visual FoxPro 6

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A comprehensive book (QUE) on most VFP6 issues.
A pretty good book for VFP newbies, available online.
1118 pages.

The table of contents:

Chapter 1 Quick Review of the Visual FoxPro Interface
Chapter 2 Introduction to Programming Concepts
Chapter 3 Defining Databases, Tables, and Indexes
Chapter 4 Advanced Database Management Concepts
Chapter 5 Selecting, Viewing, and Ordering Data
Chapter 6 Creating Basic Queries
Chapter 7 Advanced Queries and Views
Chapter 8 Accessing Remote Data
Chapter 9 Creating Forms
Chapter 10 Creating Reports
Chapter 11 Creating Menus
Chapter 12 Organizing Components of an Application into a Project
Chapter 13 Introduction to Object - Oriented Programming
Chapter 14 OOP with Visual FoxPro
Chapter 15 Creating Classes with Visual FoxPro
Chapter 16 Managing Classes with Visual FoxPro
Chapter 17 Advanced Object - Oriented Programming
Chapter 18 The Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes
Chapter 19 The Visual FoxPro Component Gallery
Chapter 20 Introduction to COM
Chapter 21 Visual FoxPro as a COM Client
Chapter 22 Creating COM Servers with Visual FoxPro
Chapter 23 Error Detection and Handling
Chapter 24 Visual FoxPro and Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance
Chapter 25 Internet Support
Chapter 26 Creating Online Help
Chapter 27 The Visual FoxPro Wizards
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