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Namespace: VFP

Is it just me, or is Special Effect broken for graphical check boxes?

Setting a check box to Style=1(Graphical) and SpecialEffect=1(Plain) or 2(Hot Tracking) makes the check box transparent to the form's Picture, regardless of the status of BackStyle--whenever the check box is off. When the box is depressed, it changes to opaque. BackStyle doesn't work even with SpecialEffect=0.

I might assume that this was by design, if command buttons behaved the same way, or even if the check box was transparent to its parent instead of the form. In my opinion, if the form and a page or container have two very different pictures, it looks REALLY silly when the check box pulls up a little piece of the form.

Maybe I'm missing the point, but I always thought that a graphical check box should be indistinguishable from a command button--anyone know how to get around this?

-- ScottMinar
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