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Special Webinarwith Ken Levy : Servoyfor Visual FoxPro Developers

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This is a special webinar invitation sent by Servoy on behalf of Ken Levy for:

Webinar on SaaS with Ken Levy: Servoy for Visual FoxPro Developers – June 15th

First off, I’d like to thank Servoy for offering this free upcoming live webinar with me as the guest presenter. For those Visual FoxPro developers who don’t know of me, I was previously the Product Manager for Visual FoxPro at Microsoft and I’ve been an active member in the FoxPro developer community for nearly 20 years. My complete bio can be found on the About page on my website at

As you may know, I frequently present the FoxPro community with ideas and techniques around new products and technologies that would be of interest to VFP developers. There are generally two types of product technologies that greatly interest developers with Visual FoxPro experience. First would be a product that integrates well with existing Visual FoxPro applications and data. The other is a product with features and technologies that allows Visual FoxPro developers to easily leverage their developer existing skill set and experience. A powerful data-centric developer platform, increasing in popularity annually over the past decade, which falls into both categories above is Servoy.

I’ve been learning and using Servoy, and the more I use it, the more I find it’s a powerful and fun developer tool to use building new smart client and web client apps connected to existing VFP DBF data, as well as for building new applications based on VFP programming experience. In working with various members of the Servoy team, both executives and technical engineers, I’ve found that Servoy is a very community oriented product with passionate users reminding me of the enthusiastic FoxPro community. The source of both these vibrant communities are based on the great product features in an actively evolving and growing product often based on direct customer feedback and suggestions.

Servoy is an application server, not a database server, which means it’s designed to be used with a wide variety of relational databases including ability to use DBF data as a data source. Servoy’s application server model allows developers to create very powerful multi-user and web-based application functionality with little or no coding while offering a very rich data-centric programming object model.

The fact that Servoy works great using existing VFP DBF (or other) data while providing many powerful rich and web clients primarily using the easy to use Java Script dynamic programming language makes it a potentially powerful product for VFP developers to add to their skill set. The developer platform for Servoy is built on an open standards stack, while the Servoy developer tools have recently been added into open source.

The community edition of Servoy is free and includes all the full functionality of the Servoy developer platform and application server. Servoy is cross platform, and I currently have it installed on a Windows machine, a Windows based Virtual PC image, and also on my Mac OS. With a runtime based license model, as are many server based products, the cost of use is tied to the maximum number of unique concurrent users. And a new optional revenue sharing subscription model is offered which essentially allows businesses to create and deploy Servoy apps with no licensing costs at all. This opens the door for a low cost barrier of entry for VFP developers to either enhance existing VFP apps or create new apps that leverage the benefits from the modern (SaaS – Software as a Service) model.

You are invited to join me along with Sean Devlin, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, in this comprehensive one-hour webinar for a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications and Servoy for FoxPro developers. This webinar will be demo-centric -- focusing on how features common to Visual FoxPro applications are developed in Servoy; cool Servoy features not supported in Visual FoxPro; how Servoy works with DBF tables in existing FoxPro applications; and the benefits to FoxPro developers in adding Servoy expertise to their toolkit. A live interactive Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation.

Register: Servoy for Visual FoxPro Developers -

Live Webinar: June 15, 2010 11:00am PT

In the webinar we will also discuss ideas, answer questions, and share knowledge on both technical and business scenarios offered to VFP developers evaluating Servoy. For additional information about Servoy for VFP developers and to view a recommended prerequisite screencast Servoy with Visual FoxPro - Introduction, visit the special page. I look forward to joining many VFP developers on June 15th in this special free webinar online hosted by Servoy.

Ken Levy
MashupX, LLC
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