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Spectacular Underachievements

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A place to list and discuss notable underachievements

  • Microsoft Press's continued obstinate refusal, and the Fox Team's half-hearted inability to convince them otherwise, to publish even just one original VFP book.
  • Every new release of MS Software still has a "Save As" option that includes mentions to dBase but not VFP.
  • Ms Excel's and MsWord's inability, after all these years, to create valid HTML with their so-called "Save As HTML" feature.
  • Front Page's inability to produce anything but totally bloated HTML when a common use case is "I just need a simple HTML fragment or document". Front Page is being discontinued and no longer included in Office 2007.

  • OutlookExpress is still a buggy, misnamed, half-baked program, that after many years still has not had a decent remake and is not usable programatically (no COM Automation). OutlookExpress is being replaced by WindowsMail in Vista.

    Visual Interdev Alan Bourke
    Visual Interdev only existed in Visual Studio 6.0, then had an appropriate death.

    Some of these things show just how whacked is Microsoft.-- Steven Black

    So, Steven, are you saying that Microsoft is the only company that has had bad software? Are not others whacked? -- Craig Berntson

    All software companies are whacked; programmers work there. -- Ben Creighton
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