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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
An addin distributable component to allow spellchecking in an application.
I am currently using EsCribe written by LuisCFernandez, Whil Hentzen and GalenHall. This application is available from Hallo Gram Publishing at I am considering rewriting it for my own use in VFP. Has anyone done this or what spell checking are you using? -- Michael Chean
We are using Fox Spell in a couple of applications and it works very well for our needs. It comes with source (we did make some tweaks to make it non-case sensitive, etc.) I believe this can be purchased via Hallo Gram as well. -- Randy Jean

Here are two other alternatives. They aren't written in Visual Foxpro, and I haven't tried them but they claim to work with VFP:
  • PolarSpellchecker at: - you can buy the source with this product.
  • SpellChecking activex control from:
    Hallogram lists spellchecker components at

    I've written a FREE Visual FoxPro spelling checker. It comes all the source code and a couple of examples of use. It is written in Visual FoxPro. Feel free to download it and use it however you wish. Here's the link:,guid,8800bdb9-a9c2-484f-942f-6a08947d903a.aspx

    Contributors: Michael Chean, Randy Jean, Craig SBoyd

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