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This product no longer exists and Red Matrix Technologies and website is not longer available

SQLAudit is server-side, audit trail software which tracks and logs changes to data in Microsoft Sql Server 7 databases. SQLAudit answers the who, the what, and the when questions regarding changes to corporate data. Whenever a record is changed, SQLAudit detects it and captures the original and the updated values, as well as who made the change.

SQLAudit is comprised of two separate programs, the SQLAudit Script Wizard and the SQLAudit Log Viewer. The SQLAudit Script Wizard produces a script which, when run in the Microsoft Sql Server Query Analyzer, generates audit triggers based on the tables, fields, and database events (insert, update and delete) you choose to track.

The SQLAudit Log Viewer is used to view and filter audit log records. Typical filtering criteria include the table name, the transaction dates, or the user who made the change.

For additional information on SQLAudit, visit the Red Matrix Technologies website at
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