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Sql Profiler

Namespace: SQL

Tool that ships with Ms Sql. It shows what commands are being sent to the server and some statistics like how long it took to execute, how many reads, etc.

To use: ^N (new trace), Enter Server/login (must be sa), OK, see Trace Properties dialog, hit OK. As commands are sent to the server (even from other work stations) you will see them here.

You will see a bunch of stuff that gets anoying, like exec sp_trace_setstatus 1, 1. You can filter that stuff out.

Tip: When you start a new trace (File, New or ^N) this file is loaded: SQLProfilerStandard.tdf so if you want different settins as the default, set things the way you want and Save As SQLProfilerStandard.tdf

This is your single best tool for seeing what is going on behind the scenes when commands are sent from a client app to SQL Server. Be sure to disable or delete the demo SQL Agent tasks if you are running this on you local machine as it results in a lot of excess traffic. Dan LeClair
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