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Namespace: WIN_COM_API

SSH is the "Secure Shell" for remote connection via an encrypted tunnel. Originally designed (I think) as a secure replacement for the Remote Shell rsh, ssh ships as a native tool in most UNIX, Linux and OS X distributions. Available as a free (license and cost) add-on to Windows using either the stand-alone Pu TTY tools or the excellent CygWin POSIX distribution (UNIX tools under Windows).

You can use Ss H to redirect many ports from local to remote or vice-verse through the encrypted tunnel, thus not exposing an insecure protocol to the internet directly For example, the command line:

ssh -L

instructs the ssh server at to redirect the port 3306 at to appear as port 9999 on the local (client) machine initiating the ssh command.

Hentzenwerke whitepaper with some points on configuring:
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