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Stephen Russell

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Stephen Russell is an ASP.NET using C# code behind programmer located in Memphis TN.

I'll be taking on inter office programming for a ACH billing service shortly.

I got stuck doing VB6 break fix work for a check printing company Transaction Graphics.

I have done numerous Web Form Win Form apps over the past few years. Client industry varies from Manufacture to Auctions Sales for heavy equipment.

For two years I did contract work with St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital. There I keept an older FPD2.6 app afloat while the ITS department converted to a Java Input application. I also assisted the Data Warehouse in delivering reports from the 2.6 data, or any other data as need arrose.

2000, I worked with Vital Technology here in Memphis doing Automotive After Market POS systems (repair shops or tire stores).

We worked in NT W2K environments doing lot's of intranet transactions, DOCM data fetching and other bleeding edge concepts for the time.

In 1998/9 I did a Manufacturing ERP (steel), before that a Paper Testing (tissue), Manufacturer Sales Rep reporting, and tons of other odd ball apps.

Lot-Mate is a DOS based used car app located at

I use to work for the largest law firm in the state of Tennessee. There I was given the task of creating an Attorney Production system that is used for basing partnership, bonuses and write ups used in 8 offices of the firm. Yes an application to abuse attorneys!

I was president of the MemphisVFPUserGroup a subsidiary of the MemphisPCUsersGroup. As things progress, getting information via the wiki or the UT, Pro Fox... our group disbanded in 2001.

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