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1973 - I first touched a computer seriously in the USAF.
1974 - Finished USAF Ground Computer Tech School and went to work right
away on a 2nd generation data communications system named SAC Automated Command and Control System.
1978 - Left the USAF and went out on my own, but stood in an unemployment line most of the time.
1979 - Broke down and took a job with Avco Electronics Division as a Field Site Supervisor participating in the TAC-8 program.
1984 - Left Avco after reaching the position as Senior Progrm Manager
on the TAC-8 Program.
1985 - Did private consulting for one year and it was here that I was
introduced to the Fox - Foxbase 2.0. I was doing several projects in QB and DBIII. The fox was great.
1985 - Toward the end of year took a position in the USAF as a civilian.
1985 - 1992 - Did a lot of program in VS COBOL, but continued to use the fox on the side with data that I flat-filed out from various VSAM files.
1992 - On May 18th of this year took the position of CIO at the 6th
Medical Group.

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