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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I’ve been using Code Mine now for 3 years and programming in FoxPro for 7 years. As time goes on, I find myself relying more and more on newsgroups, tech support and other users. I just thought it would be a good idea to get some of the codemine users together to exchange some ideas. Each of us has may have branched off into different areas.

I also use FoxPro with AFP
This allows me to take customer input from the web and put it directly into my codemine application.

We have an engineering drawing department here. Every time a new drawing is created or revised a corresponding pdf document is placed on the web for access. This is done using foxpro, codemine, afp, fastlook all working together

My codemine app.
VFP7 & Codemine beta
Barcode collection:
I collect time clock data and spc data directly into my codemine app using the mscomm control for rs232 serial input. We use laser barcode wands attached to workstations throughout the shop.

Inspection SPC data
I also collect data from other devices, such as micrometers, calipers, indicators, etc…. For reporting purposes.

Code upload
This is a machine shop environment, I upload/download/edit code to lathe, mills etc using my codemine app.

Since the barcode collection has all the hours worked it was just a natural progression to create a payroll system.
Press a few buttons and the payroll is printed.

Codemine creates a link between engineering and the inspection system. It reads data from engineering files and imports into our spc inspection

Search class
I have a search class, which replaces the basic codemine find class. It allows you to search on ANY field. It allows you to search your result set again and again. You can save a set, Append to a set. Your search criteria changes based on the fields type and you can perform a “contains” char field. My users rely on it. It works on any table. Codemne’s find class is So basic it just wouldn’t work for us.

My users can create and modify their own reports on-the-fly using FoxPro’s report wizard. This means I don’t have to spend time writing reports (for my power users) and it gives them a Little taste of FoxPro. This all works inside my codemine app. FoxPro does not need to be installed.

I just started using codemines security. So far it’s working well

I am currently working on writing my own email program. However I hit a major pitfall with decoding email attachments. I’m using the freeware from microtech popmail.ocx

Well I guess that enough tooting my horn for now.

Hope to hear from you guys, maybe we can exchange some code
Best regards, Steve Tysinger
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