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Stonefield Database Toolkit

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT) from Stonefield Software provides features every VFP application must have: It also provides developer tools that manage your databases better, such as automatically redefining views when table structures change. SDT creates complete database documentation.

SDT was awarded the 2001 Universal Thread Members Choice Award for Best Desktop Tool.

SDT was awarded the Developer's Choice Award for Best VFP Utility at the VFP DevCon 2000 Connection conference in New Orleans in May 2000.

SDT was written by well-known VFP guru Doug Hennig.

Feature list for SDT 6.2

Effective May 1, 2001, support and updates to SDT are available on a subscription basis.

For more information or to download a demo version, go to the SDT page of Stonefield's Web site,
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