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Streaming Meeting Audio

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Streaming Meeting Audio

If no one is in the chat, there probably isn't a meeting. That is the best way to figure out what is going on.
Tuesday, April 26 - (tomorrow) - Someting new! Live broadcast of Stonefield Query Developer's Edition Webinar - look for "Sign up to attend one today" to see the video, then tune into and avoid the 2 hour long distance charge. (You will have to use IRC to ask questions.)

Right now you will just hear a pre-recorded Fox Cast on VFP9 reports - (no streaming video, but you can download the whole thing.)

ps - looking at for doing both video and audio - if anyone has anything to offer, that would be great.
A live audio stream of VFP Usergroup meetings so that people from around the world can listen in. Someone wil be at the meeting monitering the UT Vfp Chats room and relay questions to the speaker. How cool is that? -- CFK
To listen: click or hookup your favorate mp3 player to (^L in Winamp: ^U in Windows Media player - others? )

The basic details are:

At the meeting is a machine with a mike that encodes the audio into a 24k mp3 stream. It sends it to the a server. Others connect to the server using Winamp, windows media player, or some such mp3 player. summary: person's mouth -> mike -> encoder -> internet -> server -> internet -> decoder/player -> speaker jack -> speaker -> person's ear.

I hear that winamp works best. Any mp3 player should work, but some people have had back luck with windows media player.

When no one is saying aything about VFP the server just plays random songs, so there should always be something to listen to. If you like what you hear, feel free to stay connected. It will help me figure out what kind of load I can handle too.
You can have a peek at what the server is doing here: and if you really want to go nuts, here is the server software:

Want to Broadcast your own meeting?

The server is available to anyone who wants to broadcast anything VFP. I might even entertain non VFP things, just ask. Here is what you need to setup the encoder on your end: On your basic windows box: A mike or audio source going into the sound card, Winamp from (or me) and the SHOUTCast plugin (or me.) That is all you need.

To configure: In winamp, hit ^P, Plugins, DSP/Effect, select the shoutcast plugin, "input" tab, set Source to "Sound Card." Figure out how to get the input levels so that the bar graphs spend most of the time in the upper 80-100% range. It took me a while to find the "Recording" settings on the mixer window that controls my sound card. "Output" tab: Connection, Address, port 8000, turn off Connect at start up and Auto reconnect. Find me on the Vfp Chats and I will give you the Password and help you get this all setup. Don't worry about equipment quality - I used my old laptop and a $10 mike clipped to a t-shirt collar. I would recommend getting an extension cord for the mike so the speaker can move about like VFP speakers like to do. Miking the room gets tricky; Laptop mikes kinda work but the result is pretty shabby. I guess it is better than nothing. There are mikes designed for such a thing - I hear you can rent them for $35. -- ?CFK

Site requirements:

1. The source (laptop w/mike) connects to my Ice Cast server at my house. People who want to listen connect to my server. There are no incomming connections from the net into the meeting room, so normal firewall's don't need any modifactions.

2. The Source to Server connection is about 24K (less than a dial up modem.)

Other ideas:
Tips for broadcasters:

Read dsp_sc_readme.txt - not that long, and there are a few 'tips' like:

The vertical meter above will assist you in finding good volume levels. When the plug-in detects a signal that's too hot, the text below Input Levels will read values greater than -4dB. Reduce the
appropriate levels in the mixers until you achieve good input levels -- this will avoid distortion in your broadcast.

out_mp3.dll -- lets you output anything played through winamp into an mp3 - I think this is the best way to make a mp3 of the whole meeting. Crank the bitrate up to 96, make a big file, and upload it later.

Cheat sheet for server admins:

putty, set to Raw, port 8000, local echo, connect, ADMIN password(cr)(cr)oper password(cr)

-> sources -ipl
Listing sources
[Id: 4605] [IP:] [Song Title: Houston Fox SIG]
[Id: 4606] [IP:] [Song Title: Spanish Lessons]
[Id: 4607] [IP:] [Song Title: Chicago FUDG]

> kick 4607

> streamtitle 4606 Spanish Lessons
Set source title for source 4606 to Spanish Lessons
See Also: Fox Cast
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