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Strict Date Format

Namespace: VB
The strict date format is used for date constants. The curly braces {} are used as delimiters and the caret ^ is used as a prefix to the date which is specified as YYYY/MM/DD. Using the strict date format for date constants removes all dependencies on the date format and the century settings.

Example, to state January 15, 1999 you would use {^1999/01/15}

Strict date format is available in VFP 5.0 and later. It is not documented prior to version 6.0.

10/23/2002 - Steven Blake The reverse operation to the DTOS() function has always seemed a curious omission in the supplied arsenal from Microsoft, especially before the introduction of the Strict Date Format. My remedy was a UDF (User Defined Function) called STOD() and is described in String To Date.

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