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Study Group Participation

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Want to join the Study Group? Well you came to the right place. We're a little livelier in person than we are in the log! (The goofy stuff is edited out to improve the Signal To Noise Ratio.)
How the Study Group works:
  • The Study Group Meets once a week in the UT chat room. Sunday afternoon, 4pm EDT.
  • A group of people will meet in the chat and discuss an exam topic.
  • The group is following the ExamSkillsBeingMeasured (Same as MS official guide) for the topics.
  • See Exam Study Group for the agenda for the topic(s) for the next meeting.
  • Some topics have alread been discussed so see ExamStudyGroupPastMeetings for the topics, and ExamStudyGroupSummaries for the chat log.
  • The chats can be somewhat free flowing but be prepared to discuss the topic(s) at hand.
  • Most attendees will open a couple web browser windows prior to the chat for reference.
    What the Study Group members do when not meeting:
  • Review the ExamStudyGroupActionList
  • Pick a uncovered topic from the ExamSkillsBeingMeasured and describe / create samples / create wiki topics for it.
  • Link up existing wiki topics to the Skills Being Measured page.
  • Scour the wiki for Category Exam Hot Topic's. If you find one add the category link to the bottom of the page and link it into the Skills Being Measured page.
    How to prepare for the study group:
  • Learn how to work in the wiki. See Category Learning Wiki.
  • Learn how to duck :)
    See: Exam Study Group, ExamStudyGroupActionList
    Category Exam Study Group
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