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Sunir Shah

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I am the Editor of MeatballWiki.

I've been revered FoxWiki for years. Steven has originated many of the ideas that have propogated throughout wikis. I've ensured he has gotten the credit he's due whenever I can, but I just don't know enough about Foxwiki. I'd like to wander around and get a sense for its history, culture, traditions, and people to help me with MeatballWiki. I'd be very appreciative if people dropped me some pointers or classic pages I should study. Otherwise, I'll just be lurking, more or less. -- Sunir Shah

Hey Sunir, thank you for the kind words, I appreciate them very much. As you know, a wiki is all about the quality of people who visit, contribute, and volunteer-housekeep.

Here are some of the pages I and others think are notable that demonstrate some of the things in this Wiki that I think should be adopled by others.

  • Wiki Why It Automatically Closes Tags -- This allows straight HTML instead of idiomatic wiki formatting
  • Tic Tac Toe (Better in IE than Netscape) -- Support for scripting
  • Wiki XSLTest -- Support for XML and XSL
  • Fading New -- Fading eye candy for changes
  • The wiki e-mail address parser HTML-encodes e-mail addresses to prevent spam bots from lifting email addresses from this site.
    -- Steven Black

    Interesting stuff. I'll digest it and get back to you with more technical questions. Any interesting social patterns? -- Sunir Shah

    Yes, there are a few:
    • Category Exam 70-155 Study Group and Category Exam 70-156 Study Group, among others, is a collection of knowledge, facts, tips, and discussions related to studying for and taking certification exams. Wednesday Night Lectures (and Category Wednesday Night Lectures ) are another intresting area. These are scheduled chat log transcripts. This community has a propensity to share like no other, and this tradition goes back to the 1980's when Fox had one of the most vibrant CompuServe communities.
    • Will Microsoft Market VFP, among others, is am example of our community-based efforts to get the yo-yos at Microsoft to pay attention to us. Related to this, there are a bunch of topics like Who Uses FoxPro and VFP Conference Attendance which are largely the result of severe and widespread angst that the Fox community may be losing ground mostly due to negelect from its owner whe never includes it (us) on any Microsoft Band Wagon. There is much truth to this, but also in this is the notion that an ebbing tide lowers all boats and Fox may, in fact, be doing better than many or most other development environments in the scheme of things.
    • I'm not sure of this but it appears to me, looking at Category People, that the Fox wiki community is more extroverted than most when it comes to being counted, stepping up to say yeah, count me among you. I'm not sure what this means, actually, but it's notable.
    • Anybody else see notable social patterns here?
    -- Steven Black

    Hey, sorry I haven't been back. Been busy with school. >:-P

    I've updated the MeatBall:WikiSyntax list with a view to move towards a MeatBall:WikiParserModel, and then a workable MeatBall:WikiInterchangeFormat (a MeatBall:WikiMarkupStandard is not a good idea). The TikiWiki guys are trying to put together an RFC for wiki markup for the IETF, so it looks like the pressure is on to finally do something. Please come over, add whatever you think is needed, like missing syntax, parser theory, algorithms, best practices, refactoring, etc. -- Sunir Shah

    Category People
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