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Super Cls is a nifty utiliy by Ken Levy which brings up a development toolbar whenever you are editing a method in the Visual Class Designer. With Super Cls you may
  • View and edit the super class method code while working in the method window.
  • Insert DODEFAULT() calls
  • Insert classname::method() calls
    This was added to VFP 9. :>D Craig Roberts
    Q: What are "Drew Speedie's Super Cls extensions"
    A: Super Cls shows you the method of any one of the levels of the super class hierarchy at a time. You can also edit the superclass code without having to open that class. Drew Speedie added functionality so that it traverses the super class hierarchy and brings ALL the methods in a read-only text file, separated into sections with titles for each superclass method. -- Alex Feldstein
    Super Cls is included with VFP6 (Where? Unzip the file in tools\xsource then look in the tools\xsource\vfpsource\browser directory) and for those using VFP5 it can be dowloaded from various VFP forums and websites, as well as from Ken Levy's website at
    You can get to Super Cls through either the Class Browser or the Component Gallery. Simply fire up either one of these tools, and keep an eye on your toolbar area. A one-button toolbar appears with the View Parent Class button. Simply fire up a method code window with inherited code and click the toolbar button. Cool!
    PS you can minimize or even close the CB or CG after the toolbar appears, since its reference persists after these tools are closed.

    -- Chuck Urwiler
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