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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Steve, What about those of us who use two monitors at the same time? Doug Dodge

I'd suggest just adding in a separate entry in the graph, to get the count of people using dual monitors; Then only increment the resolution of the monitor you view the FoxWiki on; Unless you customarily view it spread out across both, in which case add a resolution that is the total size of both monitors - ?wgcs

I couldn't find any other reference, so I'll ask the question here: Is there any DLL call we can make to have VFP move from one monitor to another? Although it may not be of much use, considering the poll results below. Craig Roberts

Update on dual monitors, has anyone encountered the odd occasion that when VFP starts on a dual monitor machine, the command window is displayed but you cannot use it? The only way I've found this is to minimise VFP and then maximise it again. Not too much of a problem but curious as to whether it is a ?bug? with VFP or the OS (NT4 sp6). -- ChrisJohnson

Chris, what you describe can also happen with one monitor. I'm never sure what I did in order to get this, but IMO is has to do with activating another Win-task at the "wrong time". For sure the "underway" activating of _SCREEN (f.e. during startup of the app) can cause anomalies. In this situation (so "mine") I am fairly sure that this has to do with ambigious code that anticipates too much on having a certain task active.
I have NT4 SP6 ... -- Peter Stordiau

[08/07/99] Feel free to increment your resolution, but I think we have a large enough sample to conclude that about 85% of wiki readers are using 10 by 7 resolution or better.-- Steven Black

Question: Just curious, what's your usual monitor resolution when accessing wiki?-- Steven Black

Please increment the appropriate counter:

(and increment the WIDTH to 10 x the count)

Number of Monitors
Single Monitor 172
Dual Monitors 12
Triple Monitors 2

2560 by 1024 0 Lost when my dot-com bombed :(
1920 by 1200 3
1800 by 1440 2
1600 by 1200 19
1400 by 1050 3
1440 by 900 1
1280 by 1024 43
1152 by 864 14
1024 by 768 69
800 by 600 34
640 by 480 3

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