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Survey Palm Device Characteristics

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Before I invest a whack of time generating Wiki Offline Palm Versions, I need to get a feel for what you've got, and what you would prefer to do. -- Steven Black

[2004.02.16] I just reset the values to zero because I need an up-to-date survey.-- Steven Black

Question: What kind of device do you have?

Please increment the appropriate counter: (multiply the counter by 3 to update the bar width)

Palm 3
Windows CE 1

Question: How much free RAM does your device have?
background: Just so you know, on Feb 16 2004, a full FoxPro Wiki is at least 50 Mb in raw HTML source. This compresses significantly when generating a palm version, but still, that's a shitload of content.

Please increment the appropriate counter:

More than 16Mb 3
8.x - 16Mb 0
5.x - 8Mb 1
3.x-5Mb 0
2-3Mb 0
Less than 2Mb 0

Question: Which would you prefer?

Please increment the appropriate counter:

Use i Silo on the Palm device, a $12 document viewer, and download a
zipped .PDB file to hotsynch yourself. Note: iSilo is a Palm-only option.
Use AvantGo (free) to download pages directly into the PDA, which
will take quite a while, maybe an hour, to hotsynch your Palm device
while simultaneously needing to be connected to the web.
ProxiWeb 0
FYI: I haven't used iSilo but had heard good things about it and I just checked their site and it can access documents stored on Memory Stick, CF, and SD memory. (I was able to go back and change my RAM question answer.) BTW: their site also says it is $19.99 now. Andy Needham

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