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Acronym (until we can come up with a better one. Please, SOMEONE come up with a BETTER one!) The REAL name of the book is The [[Visual FoxPro]] Report Writer: Pushing it to the Limit and Beyond by Cathy Pountney. Hentzenwerke Publishing. ISBN 1930919255
How about FRX for "Fox Reporting eXtremes" -- Jim Nelson
How about Repo Fox keeping in line with the other nicknames? -- Pamela Thalacker
Pamela... You have MY vote! Dave Aring
Mine too! Randy Bosma
hmm..I think of RepoMan, Repo-Car, etc. How about FoxWanna ReportRocks? Peter Diotte
How about VFP Report Writer on Steroids by Cathy Pountney, Intro by Tony Mandrich. Peter Diotte
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