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Tablet PC is supposed to be the 'new' notebook computer. The launch of these devices on Nov 7, 2002 will correspond with the launch of a special version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition that adds hand writting recognition to Windows.
Tablet PC comparison chart: (nice fade-in Joe Kuhn)
Sign up to go to a Tablet PC 'event' where they are demoing the new devices and giving away some goodies. Check it out at .
I have received this URL from at least 5 different sources, but I can't seem to connect to it for love or money. What might be the problem?
Here is a recent article on some Tablet PC's and the Tablet OS comming out soon:
Look at the comments as well- to the effect that the things are expensive, heavy and fragile. I agree, we need lightweight devices that can be dropped, washed and do not need to be handled like a Ming vase. The hard drive has to go for a start- a rapidly spinning magnetic storage device with a fragile surface, is not mobile.
Do a Google search on "Tablet Computer" with the quotes included and you will find a number of places where you buy the new Tablet computer. This machine allows you to have two screen orientations. With one of them you can use a pen device and the machine acts and feels just like a pad of paper on which you are taking notes. Simply spin the LCD panel around and open it up to reveal a keyboard and a screen similar to a laptop. The Tablet Computer is approximately 10-12" by 12-14" and is very light weight. I believe the date for release that I heard was early in November. -- Jim BoothOffsite link to
Jim, you must be a better juggler than I am. When I tried the Acer it was just another notebook when you twist the screen for keyboard, in pen mode it's heavy and difficult. And it still has a hard drive so the juggling is lots of fun. -- John Ryan
I take it all back, we got a trial HP Tablet today (31Jan2003) and it is small, relatively light and very usable. Haven't tried dropoping it yet ;-) -- John Ryan

Thought it would be relevant to add that Tablet PC sales "have been exceeding expectations from the day we launched," said Ted Clark, a vice president for HP's personal systems group.
Is it to early to say if they're here to stay? -- Mike Helland

#FB Next generation will be cool- on the HP, the current stand causes people to drop it and the battery clips break so it keeps cutting out. Curiously they all have relatively low-spec chips but performance seems very good... -- John Ryan
For some perspective on Pen Computing, here's a presentation to the Boston Computer Society, summarized as "A lot of it has happened before..." The ironic thing is this was presented ten years ago. -- Ted Roche
See Also: Go Computer, Slate, Jerry Kaplan, Pen for Windows
Dan Bricklin here:
I was using the early Toshiba Pen PCs while in R&D at the Nationwide building society, more than ten years ago. We decided the OS and application support for it (minimal) and the form factor (heavy, twist and lock screen) just made it imparctical. There was no wireless LAN then (we were evaluating OS/2 and Lan MAnager too) and it had no practical application whatsoever. Coupled with the fragility and it was really a non-starter. It would never have survived in a branch office.
Looking at it today apart from higher CPU speed, more pixels and (in some cases) more weight, the only real change is wireless networking. IMO that's what makes it valuable. -- Paul Maskens
Yes, this is a re-hash of a miserable failure - the IBM Thinkpad had pen-based Windows and a screen that laid flat. The Apple Newton, etc., etc. Just a new spin on an old idea. Be interesting to see if it catches on this time. I sure like my "pen" based Palm Pilot -- Randy Jean
Microsoft created 2 new news groups for it -> , - check it out now on -- William Sanders
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