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Take Note Technologies is a training, consulting, and application development firm located in Raleigh, NC. Hands-on classes offered include VB.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, VFP, SQL Server, and DotNet Nuke. All of the class are available on-site as well.

A complete training schedule can be found at

VFP Developer Tools

In addition to our training and consulting services, we also market Fox Audit.

Fox Audit: Fox Audit is an audit trail utility which enables a VFP developer to add complete audit trail support to a VFP application. Since it relies on triggers to detect changes in a record, using a DBC in your application is manditory.

For additonal information about our award winning VFP training, consulting services, or software products, visit our website at or contact Jim Duffy at

Take Note Technologies
P.O. Box 99271
Raleigh, NC

Phone: 919-870-9000
Fax: 919-845-7666

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