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The Task Pane, included with VFP 8, is a tool designed to help share information with the community and more.

Note: The VFP community locus for Task Pane related things is

Ed Leafe stopped hosting the websites for Task Pane Central and Report Listener Headquarters as there was about no traffic in the last 12 months. The files were transferred to the document portal of the FoxPro User Group of German Language and can be found at the following links:

Please update your links for "Reportlistener Headquarter" to:

Please update your links for "Taskpane Central" to:

If you want to upload Taskpanes or Reportlisteners you are welcome. Please send your files to Rainer Becker at his email address or to

(the content here was pulled from Beth Massi's session at DevCon as well as other sources - please clean up as needed)

See here for Beth Massi's Inside the Task Pane Manager White paper.

It uses a web page that actually calls HTML, XML or even FoxPro code but the real benefit of it is how it can be extended.

Customizing Panes
Click on Options in the Task Pane to manage how panes appear in the Task Pane.

Customize can be found under the Task Pane Manager.

If you simply want to change things like the name of each pane(such as changing Minesweeper to Games), just change the name.

To hide a pane, mark it inactive in the Customize Panes screen.

Start Pane
-Reorganize sections to move to the top

If you really screw up the Task Pane Manager, in Options on the Customize Section, click the Restore to Default to reset it all.

Creating a Simple Task Pane
Click Add Task Panes from the Pane Customization form.
Click New.
Pick a unique ID to the your pane. Use your company name or last name for the vendor name. It uses VendorName.SYS(2015)
Select Web Page as your Pane Type.
Now you can specify the URL.
Hit Apply and it's all done.

Task Pane Manager user files are stored in HOME(7)+"TaskPane\"
Two tables:
TASKPANE.DBF - Task Panes Installed
PaneContent.dbf - Pane Section Content

Pane content is stored in the Pane cache.

Cache may be changed in the Options dialog under Task Pane Manager.

Hey - check out to find new panes easily!

Rich-Content Pane
How do you put buttons and classes into a taskpane.

Create a Pane based on PaneContainer (found in XSource.Zip)
You need to overwrite some events that are called when the pane iscalled.

Useful methods: OnRender,OnResize,OnKeyPress
PaneContainer is simply a container that you can drop anything onto.

Sample code
LPARAMETERS oPane,oContent
MESSAGEBOX("Cache is"+opane.cachedir)

OnRender is called before the Page is actually. But your container can contain any VFP components that you want to use.

Create a New Pane and choose VFP Controls as your Pane Type. It will prompt for Class Library and subclass to call.

HTML and XML Content
Each section defines the content.
Where/How: Possibly from a web service, file, internet, wherever
Data Tab: Gets XML, HTML,String,Cursor

The Transform DataTab allows you to convert the content into XML/HTML.

This allows you to put your own code handlers in the XML/HTML file. Handlers are calld from vfps:handlername

Some handlers are automatically handled:

New Handler Code goes into the Handler Tab:
LPARAMETRS cAction,cparameters,obrowser,ocontent
CASE m.caction='myhandler'
  ** do my code here

I published two articles on this tool in FoxPro Advisor, an introduction in the Feb., 2003 issue ( for the abstract) and details on customizing in the April, 2003 issue (abstract at -- Tamar Granor
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