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A worldwide Microsoft Technical Conference.

From the official site of Tech Ed 2000:

At Microsoft Tech - Ed 2000 you'll get an in-depth look at The Business Internet from four primary perspectives:

  • E-Commerce: Learn how to build practical, flexible channels to connect to customers and partners online. Sessions will discuss various products from Microsoft as well as new technology initiatives such as XML and Biz Talk that are currently redefining how business is done.
  • Knowledge Management: Get the details on powerful, easy, and familiar ways to empower knowledge workers with the right business intelligence so they can make fast, effective decisions.
  • Infrastructure: Attend sessions on how to architect a long-term, end-to-end platform to manage and ensure the return on the next generation of information technology investments.
  • Line of Business: Learn practical, open, and flexible ways to get the right solutions to address any specific business need. Sessions will detail key vertical and horizontal markets such as ERP and Manufacturing.
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