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Techno Rati VFP Tag Inclusion

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
hey -
tell yer buddies - all that blog - here and elsewhere.

TechnoRati counts Tags if you include their Tag code -

just include this code in your blog pages -

I'm replacing the lt gt signs now with brackets so you get an idea -
[a href="" rel="tag"]Visual FoxPro[/a]

There were only 133 blog posts found about VFP there - and I know there
are over 2000 actual posts. So Kevin Ragsdale - nudge nudge - can u get
the word out via yer CVFPE program?

You can see the actual 'counted' list over at

Now - why is the tagging important, you ask ?
It's a count. TechnoRati counts things. It also cross-references , so
when ppl go looking for VFP stuff there, they can find it. If you didn't
add the Tag - you can't be found there.

Whoops - I left out the important bit. In order for TechnoRati to count your blog and put it in its search engine - you have to become a member (membership is free) - see
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