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Owner/manager of Ted Roche & Associates, LLC (, an independent consulting firm specializing in data-centric software development, technical support, mentoring and training. Available for New England-based or off-site support questions. Actively advocating FOSS technologies: Linux, Apache, MySQL (or Postgre SQL), Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails as the best technologies to augment VFP applications and in clean-slate development.


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Speaker at numerous conferences over the years, (see White Paper Directory) including Great Lakes Great Database Workshop GLGDbW 94, GLGDbW 95, GLGDbW 97, GLGDbW 2000, GLGDbW 2001, GLGDBW2002, GLGDbW 2003, DevCon 8, DevCon 9, DevCon 11, DevCon 12, DevCon 13, Advisor DevCon 1995, DevConGermany1994, DevConGermany1995, DevConGermany1996, DevConGermany1997, DevConGermany1998, DevCon Germany 1999, DevCon Germany 2000 and 2001, Fox Teach ('95, '96, '97, '99, Fox Teach 01), VFP DevCon 2000, VFP DevCon 2001, VFP DevCon 2002, Essential Fox 2002, Essential Fox 2003, Essential Fox 2004 and frequent speaker at the Boston Area FoxPro User Group.

2006-2010: President and Chairman of the Board of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group, an umbrella organization of 5 chapter LUGs and two language SIGs and an activist with the Central New Hampshire Linux User Group and participant in Software Freedom Day.

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