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If you want to team up with a TM AMP - email me William Sanders and I'll hook you up with one in your area.


John Diana Legal Counsel for Sage discussed the future of Tele Magic and the future is bright once again! John has received approval from Elvin Monteleone, General Manager, to have an "AMP group" modify the Tele Magic source code to make it Outlook compatible again and to incorporate some additional features (Hot Buttons, etc).

Additional discussion are underway to determine the legal issues this entails, however, the continual pressure from the active Tele Magic community (and ongoing sales) has forced Sage to reconsider its former position.

Alan Arons
That's good news!

Sales Force Automation Package.
Current Version utilizes VFP 6 runtime modules.
Can Do Custom reports in VFP.
Loads of external Interfaces - ie - Accounting, Time Management
Loads of Vertical Market add on's (Car Repair, Maid Scheduling, Telemarketing)

see for more information.
see to download latest version, 45 day free trial.

PS - Telemagic is not DEAD - its just like VFP - not marketing like it should be

No not dead but have joined the .NET bandwagon.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for this package. I made a lot of $ selling and supporting in the mid 90's. Had some REALLY nice features and one of the most extendable packages at the time without having source code to change. -- Randy Jean

I remember fighting with MergeMagic in the early 90's - I hope their support has improved. -- Alan Bourke

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