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Template : Under Construction

Namespace: VB

Documentation for Template : Under Construction

Template : Under Construction produces this output:

Template : Under Construction

Use this template to indicate that a particular area is Under Construction

Usage and Example

Call this template in any topic, like this, which yields the result you see on the left.

This article is Under Construction.


This article is Under Construction.

This is an explicative paragragraph.And another.
{{UnderConstruction|spanswide=6|This is an explicative paragragraph.|And another.}}

Variables Accepted

As with all templates,
  • Variable names are case-sensitive.
  • Variables can be specified in any order.
  • Any variable may be omitted.
Variable Default Description
spanswide 8 The width of the table. One span= 30 px
3 nameless parameters blank Up to 3 nameless parameters can be rendered. Nameless parameters are displayed in the order they are specified.

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