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This is a temporary remake of the topic { ASPand VFP (by Mike Helland) } because I, anonymous author and Volunteer Housekeeper WannaBe, tried to edit the original topic and found much to my chagrin and dismay that although it would all display in the web browser's editing box, after I finished and saved, only the first few paragraphs of the topic came through. After mucking around with it a long while more with no more success, and verifying that the entire topic WOULD paste successfully in the Wiki Sandbox, the best way I could think of to preserve the entire work would be to create this stopgap topic and a link to it in the original. Please feel free to refactor this. Thank you and goodnight :P


Wednesday Night Lecture by Mike Helland: Learn how to create dynamic web sites using Active Server Pages. And also use the functionality of VFP to drive a web page.
The only thing you'll want to do for this session is have IIS or PWS running on your Windows computer, and VFP 5.0 or later.
Set up IIS or PWS

If you have Windows 2000: Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs, Add / Remove Windows Components - then make sure Internet Information Services is checked.

Windows 98 includes PWS, but does not actually
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