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Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (or Terminal Server) distributes Windows NT desktops using thin-clients. The desktops appear to the clients as though they are running locally, but all the application processing happens at the Terminal Server.

Two protocols exist for this stuff: Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA.
Q: What's Terminal Server?
A: It will look to the user like remote control, but on the server side the apps run without actually using the local screen/keyboard. They run in their own little world, which means you can hook up many users and each gets their own world. It is like VNC... but if you were looking at the server, you wouldn't see the remote users session. Each user does not see the other users.

It's only very superficially like VNC. VNC is more in the realm of PC Anywhere or similar. VNC just lets you control a keyboard/mouse remotely and sends the screen display back to you. A Terminal Services session actually runs on the server. Also, when running 32-bit applications, TS is intelligent enough to use calls on the client to draw dialog boxes and so on locally as opposed to just sending a bitmap down the wire. This makes it much faster over low bandwidth connections. -- Alan Bourke

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I'm having problems running a Foxpro executable over Terminal Server. At 4:00 every day, everyone in the office gets a "Error Reading File" message, if they are running a particular screen in a TS session. It happens occasionally at other times as well and seems to affect everyone. We think we've isolated this to a view's requery() command; issuing a doevents() command immediately before the requery appears to help. After this happens, we can see from the server that it actually closed database files for the session, so the app can really not open the file. We are not the only ones - some of our clients using TS only are having the same problem (only not just at 4:00), although those using Citrix are not. Has anyone else had problems with SQL commands over Terminal Server?

[2001.04.26 03:19:32 AM EST]
I think I recognize this one, though not originated from Citrix, but from a part of the cabling (in the building), to which part the TS-server may be connected. Because this puzzles me highly, I put the story in Error Reading File.
-- Peter Stordiau
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