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Dr. Terry Halpin, BSc, DipEd, BA, MLitStud, Ph D, is Professor and VP of Conceptual Modeling at Northface University.

Terry was head of database research at Asymetrix Corporation and Visio Corporation before its acquisition by Microsoft, where he worked on the conceptual and logical database modeling technology in Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects. He is a member of IFIP WG 8.1 (Design and Evaluation of Information Systems), is an editor or reviewer for several academic journals and international program committees, has co-chaired several international workshops on modeling, and has presented at dozens of international conferences in both industry and academia. Terry's research has focused on conceptual modeling and conceptual query technology for information systems, using a business rules approach. His doctoral thesis formalized Object-Role Modeling (ORM/NIAM), and his publications include over 100 technical papers, and five books, including Informational Modeling and Relational Databases and Database Modeling with Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects. For more on Dr. Halpin's accomplishments and interests visit

[2006.03.13] Terry is currently a member of the faculty of Neumont University ( which has just released the first preview of NORMA, the Neumont ORM Architect which is an ORM tool built on the new domain specific language SDK in Visual Studio 2005. With a substantially improved ORM2 notation and the ability to produce both logical data and object models from a single conceptual ORM model. The NORMA home is
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