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Test Friendly Environment

Namespace: SQL
With a little forethought, you can structure your environment in a test-friendly way to improve the testability, and the whole development cycle as well.

Proposed definition: A Test Friendly Environment is one that easily attaches to a testing framework so you can test your application and its components with a minimum of fuss.

This means, at minimum, from the Command Window or a Custom Developer Menu:
  • If your application uses them, a means of creating functional Global Objects that some components may rely on to some degree.
  • A means of setting the operative runtime SET PATH, SET CLASSLIB, and SET PROCEDURE.
  • A means of selecting and launching test scripts to test and report on the object(s) being tested.
  • Login Bypass.
  • Custom On Error, Error Handler, and Error Event Strategy.
  • Conveniently erected Test Scaffolding.
  • What else...
    See Debug Friendly Environment
    Contributors: Steven Black
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