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Suggested Preparation and study tips for certification exams:
If you like the advice to take a VB practice exam, go for the "Exam Cram" book that covers Exam #70-175 (by Dan Fox and Michael Lane Thomas). I just crammed with that book for the last two evenings and passed the VB Distributed exam handily tonight (making me an MCSD). Like all of the MS exams, you'll need previous exposure and, preferably, experience to pass. But this ~$25 book is a great way to sum it all up and retain it. Plus, the sample questions are by far the most realistic I've seen in any exam prep book. Kelly Conway
- Practice the principles being studied by creating and programming your own examples. The MS tests check for real life knowledge.
- Take a practice exam for VB. You will gain a good understanding of what form the questions take, and how they test specific concepts from the outline.
- Read Chapter 8 in EffectiveTechniquesForApplicationDevelopmentWithVisualFoxPro®6.0, and, while you're at it: buy, download, and memorize *bg* all the VFP books at:
- Download and check out the Business Rules example Rick Borup has posted.
- Use VB or VC++ distributed study books.
- Review the Visual FoxPro 6 Enterprise Development books.
- Take the Exam 70-155 Study Group Quiz.
- Read the MCP FAQ.
- Download and take the Case Study Based Test Demo.
- Consider the comments in Exam 70-155 Overall Philosophy.
Some test taking strategies and exam preparation tips from St. John's University and Berkeley.
To quote a famous detective, "When you have eliminated the impossible, what remains is the truth no matter how improbable."
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Actually, Sherlock Holmes said it. Spock said that Sarek (Spock's father) said this before Sherlock Holmes was born.
My! Aren't we knowledgeable here? < g >

When taking multiple choice exams, first eliminate obviously wrong answers and then deal with what's left.
Trivial? It caught me twice on the practice exam: Be sure to read how many answers you are supposed to check!
Does anyone know if there is a penalty for guessing? On the SAT for example, sometimes no answer is better than a wrong answer.

It depends, MS has a couple different formats for the testing. We don't know what the format for the Beta's will be, however we can make a SWAG that they will be fixed length tests consisting of multiple choice questions (I'm guessing they will use the beta to build an adaptive test). You will score points for all correct answers and no points for incorrect / unanswered questions. So to answer your question. Guess, because you might guess correctly :)

- How do you know this? William Fields

Should the test be adaptive, guessing can be bad. The adaptive tests work like this, every time you answer correctly the next question is harder, if you answer incorrectly the next is easier. In essence the more knowledgable takers will have short (but very hard) exams, and the less knowledgeable will have long (but easier) exams. The result of guessing is, if you guess right, you get a much harder question that you can't answer. Only problem is, I don't think you can skip a question :( Roi Ledford

Yes. Those supplying horribly wrong answers get automatically put on a "this person needs help" list secretly emailed to some other VFP developers.
Is that what all the slapping with a dead fish is all about in the study group? (signed PurpleAlien)

The 70-100 exam in beta was adaptive. It seemed like the topics I was guessing at kept coming (one question after another on the same topic... I kept having flashbacks of Titantic sinking). The ones I didnt have to guess at... well there wasn't enough of them unfortunately. It got to the point where my guesses would lean one way on one question, and if that topic kept coming back then I'd answer it the other way just to get past it. I also found on the questions where you supply multiple answers, if you are guessing and you mark most of the answers, you get the same topic but harder in the next question. If you are guessing and only mark a few answers, the topics seemed to move along faster. Rox
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