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People often start an endeavor and run with it. Steven Black has done that with this wiki site. Too many times those people contribute something of extreme value to a community and are not publically or properly thanked for their effort. We all want to take a moment to say a very big thank you to Steven Black for his efforts and leadership in getting this site up and running.

Steve, you have done a great service to the Fox community. Thanks!
Scott Finegan
Marcia Akins (Miss you loads, Steven! You are the best!)
Andy Kramek
William Fields
William Sanders
Jim BoothOffsite link to
Alex Feldstein
David Frankenbach
Rick Hodder
Brad Jones
Ed Leafe
Barbara Peisch
Rod Paddock It has been an honor working with you!!!!
Roxanne Seibert
Ceil Silver
Fred Taylor
Anthony Testi (as they say 'it goes double for me' Steve )
Pamela Thalacker
David Stevenson
Cindy Winegarden (How can I learn everything if new stuff keeps appearing?)
Gregory Gum
Bill Caputo
Chad Bourque
Christof Wollenhaupt
John Koziol (it's getting there!)
Ed Rauh
Todd Chandler
Alex Dilman
Jim Icenhower
Simon Ferguson
Roi Ledford
Del Lee
Larry Miller
Art Bergquist
Ricardo Garcia
Tom Bellmer
Paul Borowicz
Craig Berntson
Randy Jean
Ibrahim Oezyurt - very Cool Wiki, I read this every day ...
Christopher Olson
John Durbin
José Constant
Tamar Granor
AgustinZambrano - everyday reader.
Rick Schummer
Michael Reynolds
Bill Armbrecht
Jim Duffy
Juergen Wondzinski
Dan LeClair
Mike Helland
Trey Walpole
Pablo Roca
Antonio Castaño
Luis Maria Guayan
Bill Mason
Steve Sawyer
Jose Marcenaro
Jacci Adams
Charlie Schreiner
Randy Bosma
Mike Asherman - thanks overdue - how did I miss this page for so long?
Joe Kuhn
Bill Armbrecht
Hector Correa
Val Matison
Mike Beane
Doug Dodge (Sorry I missed this...)
Andrew MacNeill
David Brandon (almost my homepage)
Peter Crabtree
Anatoliy Mogylevets -- my sincere respect
Ramona Reinmüller
Thierry Nivelet -- impressed by so many famous foxy names
Stuart Dunkeld
Ted Roche
Ken Dibble
Bhavbhuti Nathwani - Thanks
Chris McCandless
HansOttoLochmann - Thanks a lot
Gaby Lochmann - Me too
Grady McCue - Great service and teaching tool, Steve.
Tracy Pearson
Peter Diotte
Duffy Weber - Thanks Steven. The vfp community is a better place thanks to you.
Kevin Cully
Kevin Goh
Ted Gregg -- Great resource and Steve does not avoid the hills.
Gary Parsons -- Better than a help file
-). Hey, Signal To Noise Ratio! ;-). Seriously, thanks also to our great Volunteer Housekeepers.-- Steven Black

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