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Thawte SSLCertificates

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A type of SSL Certificate for websites needing to use Secured Socket Layer protocol for encryption and secured transactions.

Thawte is the cheaper of the two industry leaders in SSLCerti Ficate availability (See also Verisign SSLCertificates).

Thawte certificates come in two levels of encryption priced accordingly and seem to be easier to apply for online, but Verisign has much wider recognition in the marketplace at this time.

Verisign is perhaps the preferred SSLCerti Ficate because they offer lots of additional trust services over and abover the basic SSLCerti Ficate.

For more info see
Other than the additional Trust Services offered by Verisign, is there any other compelling factors not to go with the cheaper deal on Thawte SSLCertificates? -- Rox
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