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The Fundamentals
Building Visual Studio Applications on a Visual FoxPro Foundation
by Whil Hentzen
Edited by Doug Hennig

ISBN: 0-0655093-5-4 Length: 774 pages, Paperback, 7"x9" Also available in e-format (PDF and CHM)

Quoting from "Read This First!":
The purpose of this book is to get you, an intelligent computer user who has the wisdom and foresight to choose Visual FoxPro as one of their development tools, up to speed with Visual FoxPro 6.0. Whether you are new to the entire Fox environment or upgrading from a previous version of FoxPro — specifically FoxPro 2.6 for Windows or FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, but also Visual FoxPro 3.0 — this book will take you from the very beginning and have you comfortable with building traditional LAN applications by the middle of the book.
But that’s not all! Yes, there’s more! { So buy the book to find out what 'more' is, OK? }
The book is divided into six sections:
Section I - The Interactive Use of Visual FoxPro (Chapters 1 thru 4)
Section II - Programming Tools (Chapters 5 thru 11)
Section III - Building Your First Application (Chapters 12 thru 15)
Section IV - The Development Environment (Chapters 16 thru 22)
Section V - Advanced Development Tools and Techniques (Chapters 23 thru 26)
Section VI - Visual Studio Topics (Chapters 27 thru 31)
Hentzenwerke Publishing has done a great service for people interested in learning about and building things with FoxPro. For people new to FoxPro I would recommend this book as part of a small library of good Hentzenwerke books on the subject. In itself I don't think The Fundamentals is enough, it's not perfect and I certainly wouldn't want to tackle FoxPro without the Hacker's Guide, but this book, and the whole series from Hentzenwerke are written with such genuine care and honesty that I think they offer much evidence, if such was needed, that FoxPro and the FoxFolk community are indeed a rare and special breed. And in this rushed to press world of the throw-away book for a fast buck, this is very refreshing. Much appreciated. Graham Dobson.
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