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The Kid

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Visual Foxpro (MCP) developer.

Bill Kratochvil: aka --->The Kid<---

This title affectionately given to me back in the late 80's by my late wife when I was pondering over what handle I should use on the local Bulletin Board System (BBS). She suggested "Billy the Kid" which was later whittled down to --->The Kid<---. It was in her loving memory that I revived this handle; she passed away 1998, at the age of 35 (Breast Cancer). Without her I wouldn't be a fraction of the programmer that I am today - we all know the commitment of time required; she always supported me....

The new wife (July 2001) and I after a good workout...

We do work out together (when my son and I aren't playing raquetball)
but I figure it will be a few more weeks before we actually look this good ;)

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