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The Shit From Microsoft Just Never Ends

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When will it end?

[2002.08.26] A critical patch for IE6, IE 5.5 SP2, IE 5.5 SP1, IE 5.01 SP3 on Win2k, and IE 5.01 SP2 on Win2k.

-- Steven Black
On the other hand, Ashton-Tate let us wallow in dBASE IV 1.0 for fourteen months without a single bug fix, despite the fact that the product was unusable. That's what made Fox what it is.

The other, other hand, of course, is that Microsoft just has a huge pile of insecure code on their hands, and patching it is going to be an ongoing thing.

How long does it take to find all the bugs?

-- Ted Roche
Trick question since code can never be proven to be bug free. Therefore, all bugs can never be proven to be found.
Other products exist: Netscape, Opera, Linux. You can always switch to one of those.

-- Val Matison
As far as browsers go, we've got some people here using the latest Mozilla browser and they love it. I suppose IE must still remain installed (so it should still be patched) just because it's so integrated with the desktop GUI so not using it doesn't preclude there still being possible exploits. -- Randy Jean

At least MS gives you cummulative patches. Try patching a Netware server sometime.

Yuck. PAtching a netware server's almost as unpleasant as having surgery under only local anesthesia. And less productive.

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