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Hey all, I have a little Category Fun for your thinking pleasure.

I've spent some time recently thinking about modeling physical systems. Instead of trying to model what is observed, I thought it would be interesting to model the act of observation. This seems like a natural idea considering the major physics theories of the 20th century, relativity and quantum mechanics, place more importance on the observer than ever before. But noone has actually taken the next step of including the observer in the model, as opposed to dealing with the observer as an assumption.

So here's an explanation of the idea including a sample VFP PRG that represents a simple framework for fleshing out this idea:
(The current version should say "Last Updated January 2nd, 2005" just under the title)

If you have any interesting suggestions or comments in regards to the unsolved problems I mention, please feel encouraged to discuss them here.

Mike Helland
Do not underestimate the power of a Graviton
Grady McCue
I wish I had that much free time =)
Woodie Westbrook
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